Bill Pappas

Bill Pappas

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

If you’ve seen the movie ” My big fat Greek wedding”, it pretty much sums up how Bill was raised. A Greek ethnic family, a “musical” family.  His father was an accomplished musician and leader of his own Greek folk band…..leaving Bill exposed, and  drawn to music since he came out of the womb. His first love of music was Elvis at around the age of nine, that is until he saw the movie “Hard Days Night” and instantly became a Beatles addict. From that moment on, his ambition was to play music, and write music.

At age 16, Bill spent hours in the basement playing, recording, and honing his musical skills……..and continued playing and performing through his high school and college days…..and beyond. In recent years, Bill formed a cover band with friends called “Cover 3”  playing 60’s British Invasion music…..and would later become “Better with Bob”, and continue to play west side venues.

Bill’s vocals, musicianship and overall trivial knowledge of the Fab 4…makes for a perfect fit for “Across the Universe”.