In December 2016, John Zdravecky came up with the concept for “Across The Universe”, and approached his former band mate, Mike Zullo, to create a JOHN LENNON tribute band, different than the many Beatles tribute bands that have popped up all over the country. Mike Zullo instantly loved the idea.

John then asked Mike for other possible musicians that would fit the concept for the band, and have the musical skills necessary. Mike suggested bringing Bill Pappas into the band, as Bill had been a long-time friend of Mike’s, and was a Beatles fanatic. Bill also was playing in his own classic-rock band, and knew most of the music already.

Dan DeCarlo, who had been in another band with John and Mike, was contacted by John, and instantly was “IN” on the “ACROSS THE UNIVERSE”. To top it off, Dan also new a very, very good drummer, Mike Kovacs, who also loved the Beatles, and was a perfect fit as the band’s drummer.

The band members met at a local Cleveland area bar, and all decided to put the “Across The Universe” concept together, and settled on a rehearsal schedule.


Ranging from the pre-Beatle days to John Lennon’s last studio album, “Double Fantasy,” we cover songs spanning the entire spectrum of his musical career, both covered, and written.


Our “professor” of all things Beatles, Bill Pappas, provides interesting and mostly unknown facts to many of the songs throughout the night, which people seem to enjoy!

All five musicians have played in many Cleveland area bands over the years, and are led by John Zdravecky. John’s former band, “Love Affair”, came close to actually breaking out when “Love Affair” acclaimed regional success in the early 80’s.


As far as we know to-date, it’s Cleveland Ohio’s only tribute band to the music of the late, great, John Lennon.


At any rate, we think we have a fun and interesting band, providing a night of entertainment that’s fresh and hopefully enjoyable to your patrons or festival goers, and Beatles & John Lennon fans.